I believe in fair fees and knowing upfront what a service will cost. Therefore, I rarely charge hourly rates -- I prefer fixed rates because both you and I know how much my fee will be. Initial consultations are always free of charge.

Below is a sampling of rates for my most popular services. Please ask me if you don't see a legal service or fee on this list -- I'm happy to provide a quote for your specific legal matter. These fees are base fees only and subject to change without notice. If your legal matter is particularly complex and takes more time, the fee may be higher. I will always tell you upfront how much a service will cost.

Fees for estate plans and documents listed below are flat fees. They include all of the meetings and communications needed to discuss details, modifications to the documents in the draft stages, signing, notarization, and witnessing.

I will always quote a fee prior to starting the work.  After the initial documents are completed and signed, amendments are subject to additional fees.

Fees as of January 1, 2024:

Individual Documents and Services
Sometimes you don't need to whole kit and kaboodle! These are fees for individual documents in case that's all you need.


I also offer multiple documents in Packages, which allow us to work on multiple documents at the same time at a discounted rate. Not every client’s situation fits these packages exactly.  In those instances, I work with potential clients to develop a plan that properly meets their needs.  Such a plan may include documents not discussed below. 

Basic Package ($500 for individual, $800 for couple)

This package allows you to direct the distribution of your estate through the probate process.  It also allows you to name individuals of your choice to manage your financial affairs and make your health care decisions in the event of your incapacity.  Finally, it also allows you to provide directions for your health care in the event you are in a terminal, non-responsive condition.  It does not avoid probate, and does not involve any estate tax planning. 

Includes (for each person):

Revocable Living Trust Package ($3,000 for individual, $3,500 for couple)

This package has all of the benefits of the above package, with the added benefits that assets transferred to the trust can:  1) be managed by the trustee(s) in the event of trust maker’s incapacity, and 2) avoid the expense, delays and public nature of probate on trust maker’s death.   A Pourover Will is still necessary to ensure that assets not transferred to the trust prior to death are transferred to the trust after death (through the probate process). 

Includes (for each person):

Business Services
I focus on nonprofit incorporation.

Individual documents and services:

Nonprofit incorporation package ($800 plus filing fees):