Why Use an Attorney?

These days you can get legal forms in books, software, and through the Web very economically. Why use an attorney to draft your estate plan when you can do it yourself without the expense? Building an estate plan is like building a house. If it's simple enough, sure you can do it yourself! But chances are that you will want and need things that an expert can do more efficiently and professionally.

Accountability. If you get your will or trust from a book, software, or the Web, there's no one standing behind their work or who can answer your questions. I am here to explain your estate plan to you, go over your options, and find the plan that best suits your needs. I'm also available if you have questions or changes you want to make.

Customization. I don't use standard forms for every client -- each client's situation is different, and every document I write is customized to your needs.

Legal Complexity. Sometimes the law is tricky, and it doesn't work the way you think it should. I can  help you avoid the pitfalls that come with creating legal documents. "Do it yourself" documents often fail because they were not filled out correctly, there was a legal requirement the person missed, or the form wasn't adequate for the complexity of the person's estate. Further, estate laws are different in every state, and they change. In the end, "DIY" could end up costing your family more than you saved to begin with.

Peace of Mind. When you use an attorney you know that your estate plan is created by someone whose job it is to keep up to date with current state and federal law. I am here to give you the assurance that your plan is done right.